Photo by Michael Della Polla for ESC Magazine

Photo by Michael Della Polla for ESC Magazine

Brett Davis performs comedy under the guises of his many twisted characters. These characters are the rotating hosts of his live late night variety show The Special Without Brett Davis airing in New York and online worldwide.

He also is the increasingly frustrated host of the intentionally niche show, The Podcast For Laundry. He was the winner of the 2015 Andy Kaufman Award and was recently named a "Comic to Watch" by Comedy Central, which later presented his live one-man show Brett Davis Is Not Real.

He wrote, produced and starred in IFC webseries Boy Band, the Comedy Central Snapchat series Autumn With Dracula and independent film BANANAZZZ. He has also appeared on The Chris Gethard Show, Jon Glaser Loves Gear, HBO's Animals, Comedy Central, Adult Swim, MTV, The Best Show, and in numerous music videos.

He has previously co-hosted the erroneously titled comedy showcase, The Macaulay Culkin Show at Brooklyn's Shea Stadium before it closed, and hosts and puts on other innovative and wild shows around NYC like The Lethal Lottery and The 548th Annual Illuminati Orgy. He has also performed at SF SketchFest, New York Comedy Festival, High Plains Comedy Festival (Denver), The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival (NYC), Crom Fest Denver & Toronto, Lincoln Calling (Lincoln, NB), Fest (Gainesville, FL), and the Brooklyn Comedy Festival. 


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