Ep. 93 "Bombing"

Alternative comedy is the world's most important artform. Watch what happens when alt comics stop being funny and start getting real. Featuring music from Laser Background.

With Colin Burgess, Sebastian DiNatale, Tynan DeLong, Lorelei Ramirez, Steve Whalen, Frank Flaherty, Darren Mabee, Sally Burtnick, Kyle Erf, Samantha Ruddy, Nick Naney, Chandler Moses, Lena Einbinder, Sachi Ezura, Patti Harrison and Tim Platt.


Back in 2013, Brett Daviis & Sally Burtnick to debut the ill-titled The Macaulay Culkin Show in their legendary performance space. Since then, we've had so many great shows including our annual Summer Comedy Festival where we pack too many comedians onto one bill to perform 5-minute sets. 

The doors of 20 Meadow Street are shutting forever so we're doing this one last time. The future of The Macaulay Culkin Show is uncertain, but we hope to return one day if they let us. Til then, let's go out with our biggest show yet with:

JD Amato (The Chris Gethard Show)
Matt Barats (rum pum pum RISE)
Emmy Blotnick (The President Show)
Joel Kim Booster (Comedy Central)
Colin Burgess (owns multiple turtlenecks)
Pat Byrne (Prove It All Night)
Tynan DeLong (Jana & Shasta)
Steve DeSiena (composed Brett's favorite song)
Lena Einbinder (maybe they'll bring their dog)
Cole Escola (Difficult People)
Jo Firestone (The Tonight Show, is an aunt twice)
Josh Gondelman (Last Week Tonight)
Matt Porter & Charlie Hankin (Good Cop Great Cop)
Patti Harrison (made those videos with birds in them)
Dave Hill (Dave Hill Doesn't Live Here Anymore--thats a book)
Sandy Honig, Mitra Jouhari & Alyssa Stonoha (Debras)
Mary Houlihan (Difficult People)
Nick Naney (political comedian, Fox 5)
Clare O'Kane (Viceland, Hulu)
Conner O'Malley (MILF Pranks)
Joe Pera (Adult Swim, Conan)
Lorelei Ramirez (echoing scream that lasts for minutes)
John Reynolds (Stranger Things, Search Party)
Gary Richardson (just lookin really good, all the time)
Shalewa Sharpe (Stay Eating Cookies)
Tessa Skara (Ars Nova)
Sam Taggart (gyrate!)
Andrew Tisher (frogs)
Ikechukwu Ufomadu (Ike at Night)
Martin Urbano (has opened for Chris Kattan)
Steve Whalen (One Fucked Up Dentist)

and your hosts
Brett Davis (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rw0BM7cPy8I)
Sally Burtnick (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Id4AaxY_omA)

And it's just $5!


This month, we (Brett and Sally, sup) have performed a disgusting voodoo spell from a witch doctor known by the name Boko Damballah to revive the dormant Shea Stadium for ONE NIGHT ONLY. We cannot stress what we had to do to gain entry to the sanctuary or what happened at the Feast of the Loa, and please don't ask us about it. 

And what a lineup we have to celebrate this momentus occasion:

Jena Friedman (The Daily Show)
Murf Meyer & Diana Kolsky (Menage a Trois)
Clare O'Kane (Viceland)
Guilia Rozzi (This Is Not Happening)
Tessa Skara (Ars Nova)
Tim Barnes (NPR)
Kelsey Caine (Miss New York state finalist)
and hosted by
Brett Davis & Sally Burtnick (The Special)

The future of the space is still unclear and the spell only works for one night, so this may be the last Macaulay for a while. And we can't risk to lose any more than what we've sacrificed to the one they call "Wicked Sorcerer" and we've been warned to never return by the tribe. Also we broke the conch shell used to summon him when the water-snake cornered us on the ledge and we had to jump. 

And it's just $5, a much smaller price than we had to pay to Damballah.

Bobby Blayze is in action in this Jess Lane-directed video for Twiga's "Million Dollar Dream" starring "Southern Spitfire" Bobby Blayze, alongside Rude Boy Riley, J George, Mike Abrusci, Yedoye Travis, Nick Naney, Mitra Jouhari, Branson Reese, Mary Houlihan, Rob Spenser, Chandler Moses, Emma Phipps and many other musicans, comedians and professional wrestlers. It's a dream come true.


On Saturday, March 11th, comedian Brett Davis is bringing his roster of characters to Philadelphia to debut his new one-man show, Brett Davis Is Not Real

The show will take place at Good Good Comedy Theatre (215 North 11th St) at 8:30 and tickets are only $5. 

Good Good Comedy Event & Ticket Link / Facebook Link


This month, Brett & Sally will expose their deepest, dark-ass secrets. You're also welcome to share yours for a chance to reach inside the fun-ass PRIZE BAG. The prizes are secret. What's not secret, is this cool-ass lineup:

Chris Gethard
Tyler Richardson
Joe Castle Baker
Isaac Oliver
Mo Fry Pasic
Casey James Salengo
Catherine Cohen

It's just $5 to get in! Support cool-ass places like Shea Stadium and get some of the tasty-ass beers they have!

Facebook Link


This Wednesday, The Special offers you a glimpse into the brightest minds in business. With Nick Naney, Sebastian DiNatale, Zach DiLanzo, Ana Fabrega & Tony Zaret. And not me, for real! But I helped a little! Plus, Harold the Business Hound! With music from NATURAL VELVET!  Click here for more!

Also this Sunday is another edition of The Macaulay Culkin Show! Next month, it's Brett Davis Is Not Real: Philadelphia!

The Special Event Photos

The Special Without Brett Davis threw a benefit for Planned Parenthood with some of our past guests and regulars! Check out these pics, courtesy of Mindy Tucker!

jo firestone
brett davis chris gethard
chris gethard
the special without brett davis


The Macaulay Culkin Show enters a new year! This month, Brett and Sally are producing the world's greatest singing competition. Five contestants emerge: a mouse, a timid elephant, a pig, a gorilla and a punk-rock porcupine. That may also be the plot of Illumination Presents Sing, but its coincidental.

If you don't know these names, get ready to be educated on good ass shit:
and hosts

It's just $5, too! And we'll give you massages throughout the show. Seriously.

8pm at Shea Stadium, 20 Meadow St, Brooklyn



Here's the newest episode of The Special: An high school acting class is turned upside down when a former student takes the reins and delves deep into his pupil's psyches to draw the best performances from them...or just out of malice. With music from Dams of the West (featuring Vampire Weekend's Chris Tomson)!

Starring Tim Platt, Aaron Jackson, Josh Sharp, Mo Fry Pasic, Patti Harrison, Matt Barats and Ben Moosher.

George Bailey’s life has gone from bad to worse and he wishes he wasn’t born. But instead of a guardian angel…he gets Crimbo.

Featuring Lorelei Ramirez, Sebastian DiNatale, Tallie Medel, Madonna Refugia, Lena Einbinder, Mo Fry Pasic, Tynan DeLong, Steve Whalen and Nick Naney as Vegetable Crimbo.

Here’s a wonderful film produced by Edmond Hawkins (SNL, The Special) that’s a Yule Log but so much more. Featuring Lauren Ashley Carter, Andrew Tisher, Ana Fabrega, Mo Fry Pasic, Joe Bonacci, Tabitha Vidaurri, Jason Messina, Jo Firestone, Ryan Bennett, Cory Cavin, Josh Lay and ME! Be patient, it’s incredible. 


1/6: 50 First Jokes NYC 2017 (hosted by John F. O'Donnell), at The Bell House
149 7th St., Brooklyn

1/8: Sundays With Ana: A New Beginning (with Julio Torres, Patti Harrison, Cole Escola, Lorelei Ramirez, Ike Ufomadu, Karolena Theresa and hosted by Ana Fabrega) at Starr Bar, 214 Starr St, Brooklyn

1/11: The Special Without Brett Davis (live on MNN), 537 West 59th St

1/18: The Special Without Brett Davis (live on MNN), 537 West 59th St

1/22: The Macaulay Culkin Show (hosted by Brett Davis & Sally Burtnick), 20 Meadow St, Brooklyn

1/25: The Special Without Brett Davis (live on MNN), 537 West 59th St

2/11: Wonder Island at Cobra Club, 6 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn