BANANAZZZ is now online! It’s the story of pseudo-punk Craig Evanhalen, a self-proclaimed “enigmatic genius” with the hunger and finances for stardom, who starts a punk band called BANANAZZZ to get his incendiary (and politi-erotic) messages out to the world. His attempts to prove his parents wrong and erase the past failures of his early 2000’s tween boy band CUL8R find some success, but his ego and delusions drive Craig and his band of misfits into chaos.

The film features appearances by Katy Goodman (Vivian Girls, La Sera), R. Stevie Moore, Screaming Females, Prince Rama, Ninjasonik, King Louie’s Missing Monuments, Obnox, Spectrals, HABIBI and more! 

Starring Brett Davis, Darren Mabee, Dan Ball, Brett Wean, Cathleen Carr, Mark Bronzino, Sonja O’ Hara, Robert Drucker, Katy Goodman and Michael Lisk as Mel Diamond

Written by Brett Davis & Darren Mabee, Shot by Kali Riley, Edited by Miles Joyner & Brett Davis, Directed by Kate Sweeney

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