John Gentle’s story has put him through tons of tragedy and heartbreak, but his Christmas in prison is his lowest low. Featuring Brian Fiddyment, Gary Richardson, Annie Donley, Carmen Christopher, Darren Mabee, Cole Escola, Lena Einbinder & special guests! With music from Gingerlys and accompaniment from Henry Koperski.

The Special without Brett Davis is a live weekly variety show that brings new, different, terrible hosts each week, all of them NOT comedian Brett Davis. There are special guests, great bands, the best names in NYC underground comedy and wildly different episodes every Wednesday at 11pm.

Watch on MNN (TWC 67 & 1998; RCN 85; FiOS 36) or click the link below to watch a livestream of the show at 11pm (or Manhattan public access weirdness whenever). If you’re in NYC and want to attend live with extras, just send your name and # of free tickets requested to