We love doing The Macaulay Culkin Show at Shea Stadium. It’s a great venue and when we found out they double-booked the space on November 16th, they were really cool about it and bumped the other show. That’s when it started. All day and all night, we’ve been getting extremely rude messages from blocked numbers, with the voices of what sound like older men going “MOOOOOSE” and hanging up. We’ve been taunted by people on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. Poor Sally has received the worst abuse.

It seems the other show booked was a live edition of some shockjock radio show called Vic & The Moose and they are threatening to crash the event with their Mooseknucklehead Army. Despite the harassment, we have such a good lineup, that we have no choice but to continue with the show:

This month’s guests:

  • DOOGIE HORNER (America’s Got Talent, 100 Ghosts)
  • BETH HOYT (Comedy Central, Big Effing Deal)
  • COLIN BURGESS (Late Mic, Goo House)
  • CAROLYN BUSA (Side Ponytail)
  • MATT PORTER (Good Cop Great Cop, New Timers)
  • O.S.F.U.G. (UCB Theater)
  • and more TBA!
  • hosted by BRETT DAVIS & SALLY BURTNICK (nothing of note)

New “it’s cold” start time of 7pm! Also, it’s only $5, a small price to pay for decency. Here’s the Facebook event!