On Sunday, November 24th at 2pm, BANANAZZZ will be screening at the WFMU Record Fair! The film follows Craig Evanhalen’s journey as he creates a “punk” band to cash in on the underground and prove his worth after his past as a member of failed boy band CUL8R. Check out the video above, which is an excerpt from BANANAZZZ, where Craig asks his parents for money to fly to SXSW. 

This is a particularly special time as The Best Show on WFMU is coming to an end. This show has been such a big part of my life, and seeing it come to an end is a big deal, dere. So if you haven’t gotten on board, DO IT! Also, feel free to reminisce with some mid-2000s Best Show appearances from the likes of creepy second-generation comedian Akiva Smirnoff, and the MC Steinberg/Ted Leo rap battle, with a panel of celebrity judges from Newbridge. 

I’m really honored to screen the film here, and I’m excited for the entire fair, which includes some really great stuff including documentaries about Raymond Scott, Joe Meek, Andrew Bird (you know, people in the same category as Craig Evanhalen), a puppet film by Quintron and Miss Pussycat, and live performances by Shannon & The Clams, Liquor Store, Jeffrey Lewis and Blowfly and tons of weird record nerds mulling around! Spread the word!