Special guests: Adam Richman & music from Kicking Spit. Craig Evanhalen ditches BANANAZZZ to reunite his early 2000’s tween boy band CUL8R. They’re joined by Adam Richman, host of Man v Food, Food Fighters & more!

Featuring Colin Burgess, Tynan DeLong, Joe Rumrill, Lorelei Ramirez, Dan Fox, Mark Bronzino & Dan Ball. “Never Want To Wake Up” written by Henry Koperski.

Download a free track from Kicking Spit here!

Tune in next week for a celebrity guest host and music from Jerry Paper!

The Special without Brett Davis is a live weekly variety show that brings new, different, terrible hosts each week, all of them NOT comedian Brett Davis. There are special guests, great bands, the best names in NYC underground comedy and wildly different episodes every Wednesday at 11pm.