The most dangerous night in comedy goes FULL EVIL for Halloween this year! Randomly selected teams (comprised of comedians that often do not know each other) have one week to prepare a comedy set. Past shows included numerous live animals, tons of blood, and a shocking amount of accidentally unsimulated onstage violence.

This month, new champions Sebastian DiNatale and Mimi “on the Hoops” Fischer return to the Lethal Lottery battleground to get spooky.

Lethal Lottery Champions Mimi Hoops & Sebastian DiNatale
Brad Howe & Mikey Heller
Catherine Cohen & Maria Wojciechowski
Drennen Quinn & Bronwyn Ariel Isaac
Colin Stokes & Justin Flanagan

hosted by Brett Davis, Darren Mabee and “man with the scary voice” Frank Flaherty!

12/16/14: Joe Rumrill & Marnie the Dog
1/23/15: Sam Taggart & J.D. Amato
2/20/15: Becca Kauffman & Christi Chiello
3/27/15: Gary Richardson & Edy Modica
4/4/15: Ryan Bennett & Annie Donley
5/29/15: Mary Houlihan & Diana Kolsky
6/26/15: Wildcats & Katie Hannigan
7/24/15: Wildcats & Dan Chamberlain
8/28/15: Mitra Jouhari & Max Wittert
9/25/15: Sebastian DiNatale & Mimi on the Hoops



10/23: Lethal Lottery: Halloween Havoc (Mimi Hoops & Sebastian DiNatale, Brad Howe & Mikey Heller, Catherine Cohen & Maria Wojciechowski, Drennen Quinn & Bronwyn Ariel Isaac, Colin Stokes & Justin Flanagan and hosted by Brett Davis & Darren Mabee) 

10/25: The Macaulay Culkin Show (with Jo Firestone, Mike Abrusci, Daniel Simonsen, Maria Heinegg, Tim Duffy, Chris Calogero, and hosted by Brett Davis & Sally Burtnick) at Shea Stadium, 20 Meadow Street

10/30: Unpaid Vacation Tour - Atlanta, GA - Message for address

10/31: FEST DAY 1 (with Chris Gethard, Jo Firestone & more!) at Rockey’s Comedy, 112 S Main St, Gainesville, FL - 1pm, $15 (or free with FEST 14 pass) -Tickets

11/1: FEST DAY 2 (with Chris Gethard, Jo Firestone & more!) at Rockey’s Comedy, 112 S Main St, Gainesville, FL - 1pm, $15 (or free with FEST 14 pass) - Tickets

11/2: Unpaid Vacation Tour (with Mike Abrusci & Jo Firestone) at DSI COMEDY, 462 W. Franklin St. Chapel Hill, NC - Tickets

11/3: Everything Is Terrible Tour (with Mike Abrusci, Everything Is Terrible & Wham City) at Metro Gallery, 1700 North Charles St, Baltimore, MD, $10 - Tickets

11/4: The Special Without Brett Davis at MNN, 537 West 59th Street

11/7: Unpaid Vacation Tour (with Jo Firestone, Mike Abrusci, Ana Fabrega, Nick Naney, Marcia Belsky & Joe Rumrill) at In the West (message for address)

11/11: Comedy Central Comics To Watch Sketch Showcase (New York Comedy Festival) at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, New York, 307 W. 26th St. New York

11/21: Knockdown Center, 52-19 Flushing Ave, Queens, NY