This week on TCGS, our time slot was stolen by our most hated enemy, SMITH! He put on his usual show, focusing on local politics and cultural issues, with his own musical portion of the show and everything.

(Now, out of kayfabe I’ll say this - when I first started TCGS I wanted it to be a place where truly innovative and creative people would have a home to try things. This episode made me cry laughing and cheer in my hotel room in Florida. I think Brett and the gang he assembled (many of whom took over TCGS for the night when I have literally never met them) did such an amazing job and I couldn’t be more proud to have my name on this. New York is full of young hungry comedians and artists right now and I am so so happy that this particular pack of them used our humble show as their staging ground for the night.

Why have an intentionally-outside-the-mainstream public access show if you don’t use it for stuff like this? I will reiterate - I am blown away by these guys.)

Chris Gethard is the best. President of Comedy.