Dip dip dip! Adored by his legions of Blazers, Blayzettes and Lil’ Dipsters all across Kentucky, Bobby Blayze is the fastest rising star in professional wrestling today. The nephew of rasslin’ legend “Boogie Boogie” Bingo Blayze, Bobby keeps the Blayze Crayze going throughout wrestling today. 

Bobby came from humble beginnings, raised by his Uncle Bingo on his dead Mama’s tulip farm. Bullied throughout his life for being poor and weak, Bobby’s sheer determination kept him from falling into drugs and homelessness (except when he did). 

Since his 2010 debut, Bobby has amassed several championships and has sold out high school gymnasiums with his matches against Tall Paul, Oak Tree Lee and his most hated rival, “Skull Fucker” Harley Tucker. Countless foes have fallen to his Kentucky Fried Flyin’ Forearm. While he may not be the biggest dog in the fight, his positive outlook on life makes him a man of pride, Kentucky fried and rock n’ roll personified. There is only one Bobby Blayze.

(Not to be mistaken for 90’s Smoky Mountain-area wrestler Bobby Blaze)

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