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"Brett Davis has been the crown jewel of Brooklyn alt-comedy for years, and 2017’s launch of The Podcast for Laundry has done nothing but reinforce how critical his voice is. Playing (?) as a disgusting streakstained laundry-obsessive, Davis took the one-note topic trend in podcasting and tossed it on its head by forcing all of the rest of the most hip New York comedians to show up at their local laundromats and sit through the truest ramblings of a madman that anyone in idiomatic history could have ever anticipated. Brett likes to pad his episodes with superfluous segments like “Spin Doctors” where he asks someone what they like to listen to at the laundromat, as if it matters; “Bleach Please,” a thickly-disguised chance for Brett to rant that no one understands; “What’s Your ‘Turge?,” a closed-ended segment where he finds out what laundry detergent his guest uses; and “Turn the Tide,” which itself is barely a segment (the guest is allowed one opportunity to shut Brett up and change the topic by physically turning a canister of Tide detergent so that the label is facing a different way). This kind of deep bench of segments could only come from a mind like Brett’s." - Splitsider